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Who We Are (pdf)

The Missouri School Plant Managers Association is an organization that provides informational support to educational entities throughout Missouri. The MSPMA, chartered in 1991, was formed in the interest of enhancing and promoting the educational process through support staff operations.  Its purpose is to provide for the exchange of information that will improve school plant management, maintenance and care, through the promotion of acceptable policies, standards and practices, as well as, facilitating the professional advancement of school plant management personnel.  Membership includes school superintendents, physical plant directors and managers, maintenance personnel, custodial supervisors and all others employed in school support staff operations.  This membership includes all public, private and parochial PK-12 schools, as well as, colleges and universities, from across the state.


Governed by a board of directors, MSPMA hosts an annual conference each fall to further this mission of educational enhancement.  The conference is a professional development opportunity for participants allowing them to:

See the latest equipment and materials.

Discuss common concerns with a select group of professional peers from across the country.

Receive the latest professional information on issues of vital importance.

Improve the effectiveness of day-to-day operations.

Enjoy both formal and social opportunities to network with other professionals who share common goals.

MSPMA committees are constantly exploring new avenues to expand the Association’s informational resource database to ensure the membership is kept apprised of new changes, innovations and techniques regarding education and the physical support of educational facilities.  Thus, the MSPMA is constantly on the lookout for new ideas, professional relationships, and is creating partnerships that provide innovative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

The MSPMA is a vibrant and growing organization whose objective is to provide professional guidance and assistance to school plant managers and their respective organizations statewide.  By providing this guidance, support and professional encouragement, it is the ultimate goal of the Association to assist and nurture a statewide network of support staff professionals focused on the creation of consistently efficient educational environments that provide highly successful educational opportunities and experiences for all who educate and are educated.


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